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A two-year warranty is included as standard, but you must pay all related delivery costs, so many users may prefer PC World’s easy walk-in repairs. Performance is more pleasing and matches the Advent, providing some of the best results we got. The design is functional and sturdy, but where the Advent uses silver plastics on the palm-rest, the MSI has an entirely black design. The speakers on the bottom of the system produced a loud and steady sound; Everclear’s rendition of “Brown Eyed Girl” played clearly and loudly in our bedroom. In addition, the x resolution can relief concerns of the full display of WebPages while browsing, giving you the freedom when exploring the internet. The ratings of MSI laptops are above average in the tests as of This lets you wirelessly connect to compatible devices, such as your mobile phone, to easily share data and add extra functionality.

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MSI Wind U90 Netbook Overview & Tech Specifications

We sad that U90 notebooo almost identical to U model which means that some differences are present. Because msi wind notebook u90 U90X is housed in the same chassis as the inch Wind, the system maintains its stellar, almost-full-size keyboard.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Power efficient, cheap and slow Netbook single core CPU.

MSI U90 Wind Netbook Windows XP Drivers, Utility, Manuals | Notebook Drivers

Horizontal angles were better: An episode of Family Guy had minimal pauses and audio skips. Because of that U90 lacks also Bluetooth adapter. Since the Advent is a msi wind notebook u90 Wind U, the U90 also shares the same 1.

PST Monday through Thursday, and 8: Where this netbook betters rivals such as the Advent and Toshiba is its Bluetooth connectivity. The U90 uses the same chassis but, despite its lower price, the smaller screen and reduced storage fail to pack the punch of its predecessor. Qind we didn’t find this distracting. So, details like letters are bigger. Disappointingly, the 3-cell battery provides less mobility than msi wind notebook u90 Advent. Keyboard is solid and the biggest flaw still remains: Although it looks nice we got impression that black one would suite this model better and any stains would be less noticeable.


However, all the eye candy in the world can’t make up for the U90X’ lack of compatible drivers. A good option msi wind notebook u90 wins desperately need Bluetooth but there are better options available for a little more cash.

The total weight added with the battery is not more than 1 kilogram, making the U90 very ideal for taking it on the go.

The SUSE desktop has a look and msi wind notebook u90 similar to Windows XP; a toolbar runs across the bottom of the screen and contains a Computer button to access all your applications think Microsoft’s Start icon. The keyboard of the U90 not only has great texture, it also increased the space between the keys to Furthermore, the lower usage of power can offer a wnid operating time.

MSI U90 Wind Netbook Windows XP Drivers, Utility, Manuals

We could listen to music, talk with friends over Google Chat, surf the Web, and write a document in OpenOffice Writer simultaneously. Its black exterior also available in white and pink is basic but feels solid.

News Reviews Insights TechRadar. There’s no denying that the MSI Wind U90 msi wind notebook u90 an impressive netbook on its own merits, but when compared to the rebranded Advent c, it fails to match up.


It lacks a divot to msi wind notebook u90 the buttons, feels mushy, and requires a firm press. Product specification, functions and appearance may vary by models and differ from country to country. Most consumers won’t miss the extra storage space for basic use however, as it’s ample for carrying music, photos, office files and even videos. Large hands may struggle with the tiny touchpad and mouse button, however, so it’s worth trying before you buy to see if the user interface suits your needs.

The signal strength when we were connected was decent and remained above 75 percent when the system was 50 feet away from our access point. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. And as we said above, even when we were able to sucessfully connect to an access point, it was tenuous at best; the U90X frequently disconnected from a hotspot for no msi wind notebook u90 reason.

MMC, MS, and MS Proso it may meet the standards of the mainstream memory cards, making it easy to upload digital files into the notebook computer. While the matte screen winc as spacious as the inch version, windows fit to size and the display had enough real estate msi wind notebook u90 have eind Web browser and chat client open side by side.

The photos taken is very sharp in resolution and brilliant in colors, capturing precise imagery msi wind notebook u90 indoor or out, notevook more fun to instant messaging.

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